January 16, 2018

Internet-QoE 2016

ACM SIGCOMM 1st Workshop on QoE-based Analysis and Management of Data Communication Networks

August 26, 2016 @Florianopolis, Brazil

co-located with ACM SIGCOMM 2016

Internet-QoE 2016


Program Highlights


  • Improving Web Performance
    Harsha V. Madhyastha (University of Michigan)
  • The Challenges of Measuring Internet Quality of Experience
    Renata Cruz Teixeira (INRIA)
  • On the Analysis and Modeling of Quality of Experience for Video Streaming
    Maria Papadopouli (University of Crete & FORTH)


  • An Educated Guess on QoE in Operational Networks through Large-Scale Measurements
    P. Casas, B. Gardlo, R. Schatz, M. Mellia
  • Impact of Access Speed on Adaptive Video Streaming Quality – A Passive Perspective
    M. Trevisan, I. Drago, M. Mellia
  • Predicting the effect of home Wi-Fi quality on Web QoE
    D. Neves da Hora, R. Teixeira, K. van Doorselaer, K. van Oost
  • QoE Inference Without Application Control
    A. Nikravesh, D. Hong, Q. Chen, H. Madhyastha, Z. Mao
  • QoE Analysis of DASH Cross-Layer Dependencies by Extensive Network Emulation
    D. Stohr, A. Frömmgen, J. Fornoff, M. Zink, A. Buchmann, W. Effelsberg
  • Towards a causal analysis of Video QoE from Network and Application QoS
    M. Katsarakis, R. Teixeira, M. Papadopouli, V. Christophides
  • Measuring the Quality of Experience of Web users
    E. Bocchi, L. De Cicco, D. Rossi
  • BingeOn Under the Microscope: Understanding T-Mobiles Zero-Rating Implementation
    A. Kakhki, F. Li, D. Choffnes, E. Katz-Bassett, A. Mislove
  • Concept for Client-initiated Selection of Cloud Instances for Improving QoE of Distributed Cloud Services
    F. Wamser, M. Seufert, S. Höfner, P. Tran-Gia
  • Client-Driven Network-level QoE fairness for Encrypted ‘DASH-S’
    J. Chen, M. Ammar, M. Fayed, R. Fonseca